When I was a young boy I used to play a bit of sport. In the irish countryside we had mainly hurling and football! Now while I wasn’t bad, I wasn’t what you’d call good either! I was in the middle and when it came to football I was at the bottom! I really hated football!

Ireland is divided into 32 counties and there are national football and hurling competitions between them all! I grew up in county Clare. It wasn’t either the best or the worst, in the middle just like me!

Sometimes on a Sunday Clare would be playing and off we’d go. My dad and brother were really into it while I was more thinking of the chips I might get afterwards! My mum would get pretty into it as well!

I was shy so I could never understand how some people could get so excited about a silly game!!

You see I had never found the deeper meaning to life that I was looking for even then and so I lived a sort of depression or dullness.

And then I met Jesus and I found out about the real football game; light v darkness, Jesus v Satan!

Growing up of course I’d heard of this but not in a way that I really believed or got excited. Jesus rising was a bit like winning the football, nice to hear but what was it to me?!

It was through the Holy Spirit that this story of the resurrection was made a living reality to me and just like some people are sports fanatics, I happily became a Jesus fanatic.

Jesus’ resurrection on easter Sunday is the victory of victories! Even death couldn’t stop Him and then He made that victory available to you and me!

Perhaps as you read this you are thinking that you are like I was before; Jesus is risen, great, no big deal!

And if that’s the case it’s ok! It’s a gift from the Holy Spirit to take it more seriously, you can’t fake it!

And so today, regardless of where you are in your faith why not ask the Holy Spirit to resurrect our hearts and open us to the true spiritual joy of Easter!

So friends, I might not be a sports enthusiast but I certainly am a Jesus enthusiast and following Him and celebrating His victory is the greatest thing in heaven and on earth!

Thank you Jesus for your life, death and resurrection. Open our hearts wide today so that not one bit of your victory be in vain!

Go Jesus!!! HE IS RISEN!!

Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven!

Happy Easter all and wishing you 1000 blessings of the love and peace of Jesus!