“We have to have more faith” a girl said to me yesterday!

Yes and no I thought!

You see faith is a supernatural gift and not something we can have more of just like that!

Money I can make more of if I work harder, muscles I can have more of if I go to the gym more often (ironically I have neither of these 2 things!).

But faith?

What can I do to have more faith!

The answer is very simple! You can do absolutely nothing because faith is a gift we receive from God!

However, you can put yourself in a disposition to receive this gift!

Just like a flower will wake up if it is placed in the sun, so too will your heart and faith wake up if you put it in front of the light of God!

As you place yourself before Jesus by going on a spiritual retreat or going to adoration or simply by praying at home, Jesus will begin to act in your heart.

As you slowly read the bible and let it touch you, you will find your faith increasing and what once was information will transform into life and action!

And this is why Jesus asks us to pray and to pray with the heart because without prayer we are like flowers sleeping in a dark room with no light!

And so Jesus asks us to make time for prayer and to make it a priority in our lives!

There will be lots of obstacles and many will tell you that you are a fanatic! Take this as a very good sign that it is working so wonderfully that Satan is getting upset!

And so today, don’t put pressure on yourself to have more faith, it doesn’t work like that. Instead ask Jesus to help you to pray more and to pray with your heart and as you do that He will give you freely and effortlessly the gift of more faith!

Have a prayerful and faithful day!!