Hello from Medjugorje on this divine mercy Sunday!

Today is a special feast of mercy! Just like before going to any feast, you should come with an empty stomach and a big appetite!

Our empty stomach in spiritual terms is our simple humble hearts empty of pride!

Pride blocks mercy as pride’s motto is ‘Jesus, I trust in myself’ rather than ‘Jesus I trust in you’!!

We all have it as it’s a part of our broken nature so we just must be aware of it and empty our spiritual stomachs of it through a good confession!

Here is where an examination of conscience is vital and where we must ask ourselves questions such as

-Have I judged others and deformed their characters?

-Have I seen myself better than others who seem like far bigger sinners than me?

-Have I surrendered all of my life to Jesus or just the bits that I don’t like?

-Do I pray and spend enough time with Jesus?

-Do I help and defend the poor and the marginalised?

-Do I put my life and reputation on the line for Jesus?

Inevitably we all fall a bit short but the important thing is to be trying!

Jesus needs apostles of mercy. He needs people to give their lives full time to healing and helping others. He is desperate, He is looking….

So what about it? How about you?

Ask Him today for the great grace of His mercy to fall on you so that you may be an instrument of His mercy to the whole world and bring the healing power of His love and friendship to the broken of the broken, to the desperate of the desperate, to the sinners of sinners!

Jesus, I trust in you. Do not let me become comfortable while others are suffering. Mould me, make me, break me, use me!