Hello friends!

Another week begins and how exciting!

I have been so blessed over these last few weeks to meet so many exceptional people with such love for Jesus and understanding of prayer and healing. It really is remarkable how over a short time an utter stranger can become such a good friend!

Yet in God’s eyes it is common sense! We are all brothers and sisters following the same Jesus and Mary and so it makes sense that when we meet we should immediately bond!

It really is a beautiful gift and it allows us to travel around the whole world and to be ‘at home’ everywhere with our extended family of God!

And while today a good friend is leaving another one is coming and this one is not only a part of God’s family, he is also part of my own family and he’s my uncle and Godfather!!

It is an extra special gift when our human families also share our faith and love prayer and it is true that many people do not have this!

So today I am very grateful to God for my uncle Thomas who introduced me to Medjugorje 20 years ago and who hasn’t’t been here since then!

In God’s irony it will now be me introducing him to many things and wonderful people here and praying that Our Lady pours enormous graces over him!

It has been over 2 years since I’ve seen anyone from my family in person so I’m quite excited and it makes me even more grateful to God for all the friends and people who have helped and supported me over these last 2 years!

You know who you are! Thank you for every cup of coffee, for every word of encouragement, for every prayer, for every euro, for every smile, for every tear!

And so today my message is simple! No matter who you are, you all have a family, it may not be family in the conventional since but it is the family of God!

So let us make an extra special effort today to love everyone we meet seeing them all as part of our big family and give God thanks for them and their lives and presence in our lives!

And if we see anyone lonely and excluded, may we be instruments of healing, reconciliation and mercy and open our hearts and lives to them who are even more in need of love, respect and forgiveness.

Bless you all and your ‘families’!