As my time here in Medjugorje comes to an end and as God calls us onto the next step, I reflect on what it means to be mobile!

We live in a world of mobility, the faster the better! From cars to planes to trains we travel like never before and from mobile phones to smart watches and phones we are truly mobile!

Gone is the day you need a computer to check your email etc!

And then I look at Jesus and can’t help but feel Him smile on me! The angels travel effortlessly at the speed of light, each has more knowledge than a million people put together!

And then I say ‘Jesus, what about us?’

And smiling Jesus says

‘I’ve given you more than a mobile phone or the smartest mobile technology, I’ve given you the Holy Spirit’!

Yes, with the Holy Spirit we are always connected to God! No need te be looking for the wifi code or worried that your credit has gone! The Holy Spirit stays connected!

As you deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit you will find the need for books and study will change! The Holy Spirit will reveal the mysteries of God to your heart and an hour’s prayer will surpass a year’s learning!

As Catholics we are even more mobile! There are churches all over the world where we can go and receive Jesus and for those of us who speak english we find that we can almost go anywhere and at least be understood!

And although we must put God first, people are very important too and here is where we are blessed with all these new gadgets to communicate!

Even if they are far less efficient and reliable than the spiritual realm, they are a great blessing too!

And so today I thank God for the gift of freedom and mobility to be carried by Jesus all over the world as un unlikely missionary and a walking testimony to the reality and power of the Holy Spirit in this modern world!

Thank you Jesus for this crazy way of life, may more people come to know and experience this way of life and the freeing power of your love!

Have a mobile day!