Hi there!

Today it’s lashing rain in Medjugorje, perhaps God is preparing me for my visit to Ireland!

My last blog was on ‘daddy’ so it seems fitting to write about mammy!

Like a lot of guys with same sex attraction, mammy is an important figure!

When my mum was sick 10 years ago Our Lady became my new mum and she will be for all eternity!

Our Lady is of course known by many names; Gospa, immaculate conception, mystic rose, queen of heaven….

and yet did you know that her favourite title is none of these!!

You guessed it! Her favourite title is mammy or mam or mum or mummy!

You see Our Lady doesn’t just live in heaven and observe us from up there like a security guard watching a camera!

No! Our Lady is spiritually with us and united to us through our baptism! She knows our every need and what is truly best for us and I’m not just talking about spiritual needs!

She knows all our material needs too from our favourite foods to the size of our clothes! And it doesn’t stop there, she is also an expert financial advisor and health specialist!

And if that wasn’t enough, she is an expert on theology, philosophy and every spiritual question that you may ever have!

She is gentle and kind, wise and firm and Satan can’t stand her! One look from her and he vanished as he sees his utter ugliness when he sees her beauty!

Everything she is, he is not! She is beautiful, trust worthy, powerful and pure while he is an ugly serpent twisted with pride and deceit! When Satan sees her he is painfully reminded of all he lost and the pain causes him to run away!

When I was in school you’d get bullied if you were afraid of a girl and yet ironically this is Satan’s predicament!!

In Medjugorje Our Lady or Gospa calls us to pray with the heart. In other words she calls us to getting to know her personally and intimately and allowing her to be our mother!

She knows us better than we know ourselves and she is there to help and guide!

So what about it? Why not change and deepen your relationship with Our Lady. Open your heart to her, talk to her, ponder her life, ask her advice and allow her to become the love of your life and the secret to your success!

And so dear friends, the spotless immaculate virginal queen of heaven smiles on you today and says

‘call me mammy, I love you’

Mammy, help me, guide me, lead me and heal me! I love you, thank you for loving me!!

Bless you all