Sunday morning and my second last day in Medjugorje! I have already been surprised by the amount of people who know when I’m going despite only telling a few people!!

And so 3 months later and what a 3 months it has been! From the police being called to get rid of me after 3 days to being condemned and ridiculed from the altar by a priest to meeting the bishop all while living on providence and at times scraping to get by, it certainly has been an adventure and even material for a book!!

It seems that the more radically one follows Jesus the more they will be abused and rejected just like Jesus was!

Yet, 3 months later I am now leaving freely under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit rather than ungodly pressure and bullying!

God has defended us! He put a small handful of fantastic people around us and with supernatural intervention through prayer and the sacraments He kept our spirits strong and gave us the perseverance to continue!

So thank you to Jesus, Mary, the Father and Holy Spirit for every grace, every healing, every blessing!

Thank you to everybody who prayed for us, helped us financially or other.

Thank you to every priest who heard our confessions and gave us Jesus!

And as we prepare to leave we ask for your ongoing support as we bring the good news of the power and reality of Jesus into the darkest dungeons of the world!

We leave early Tuesday morning for Split from where we will fly to Belfast in Northern Ireland and take it from there!

One day at a time sweet Jesus, one day at a time!

God bless Medjugorje!