Last day in Medjugorje! After 2 years in the Baltic countries I am really looking forward to moving on!

I could write much about what I experienced but that will be another day!

As I prepare to leave and set my eyes on Northern Ireland and then London Jesus smiles and says trust!

You see if I was to start thinking about how it’ll all work out I’d have a breakdown!

How can 3 people live from love and fresh air? Where will money come from? What about this and what about that?

If I was to let these thoughts fill my mind I would have to give up! Instead Jesus says to trust in Him and not to worry!

And so you see, negative thinking is sinking while positive thinking is flying on eagle’s wings!!

Sadly in church circles many even after 40 years of going to mass have not learnt this simple secret!

The only thing is that it is far more difficult than you can imagine! You need to literally die inside to all worry and fear and trust in Jesus to the point of insanity!

People, even some church people will say that you are going too far, that you are a bad example, that you are a beggar, irresponsible and that you are not following God!!

And yet when we read the Bible we see numerous examples of this type of life of preaching the gospel by both power and example!

And so off I go again, the former financial planner throwing caution to the wind and putting my trust in my best friend Jesus!

This is why I encourage you all to trust Jesus even more, He sees ahead, His ways are not the ways of the world, it is in giving that you receive, in detaching from the cares and the ways of the world which are all about planning and controlling everything!

So let us not fall into the trap of negative thinking but rather simply follow the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and then refuse to worry about it not working out!!

So friends, trust, trust, trust! Stay in course, follow the Spirit and finish the race!

If any of you feel inspired by Jesus to help us financially please get in touch but only if it is from Holy Spirit. We trust God will inspire the right people to help us and if you can’t that’s ok. Money is only money, love is far more important!

‘In God we trust’ lol

Love you all