Yesterday I met a journalist who interviewed Seamus, Toni and I about how Medjugorje had changed our lives! She was surprised and almost confused that I had spent 3 months here!

‘3 month! What did you do every day?’ she asked as if I were from planet Zog!’

And so it hit me that many people really do not know what to do in these type of places!

So I said to her: imagine a TV and how some people can spend hours and hours looking at it day after day, week after week and some will even eat their dinner while looking at it (I know I used to).

How they spend so much time watching TV is how I spend so much time praying!

But if the TV was plugged out! Imagine how terribly boring it’d be to just look at it! Imagine watching a blank screen for an hour while your favourite programme was on…it’d drive you mad!

And so I said to her that it is similar with Jesus! We can walk around with our inner TV either turned on or off!

When it’s turned on it is very easy to spend 3 months in a place like Medjugorje where spirituality is palpable!

The Holy Spirit will show you so many things and as you attend the prayer programs such as mass and adoration He will reveal things to you about life and prayer and who and what to pray for!

He will connect you with like-minded people, reveal the love of Jesus to your heart and transform your life!

Yet if your inner TV is plugged out you may well find it all boring! Day after day the same old thing! It’d be like watching the same episode of your favourite TV show every day for 3 months! You’d go cuckoo!

And so what is the answer?

The answer is to ask Jesus to open even wider our hearts to a personal encounter and relationship!

Maybe your inner TV is plugged out, that’s ok, just ask Jesus to plug it in!

Maybe it’s plugged in but there is no sound, ask Jesus to turn it up!

Maybe your prayer life is ok but like a black and white TV, missing colour! Ask Jesus to jazz it up!

Maybe your prayer life is good and yet you’d like more just channels! Ask Jesus to upgrade your connection to heavenly ‘Holy-Spirt-band’!!

So you see no matter where you are at there is always more because God is infinite and His Holy Spirit ingenious!

And so how did I spend 3 months here?!!!

Very, very easily!!

May God bless you all with the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit who is the teacher and guide!

Have an amazing spirit-led, spirit-filled, spirit-empowered, spirit-inspired day and may more and more pilgrims come to Medjugorje to top-up their package and download a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit of Jesus and the Father through the intercession of the most amazing woman in the universe, Mary!

PS. Leaving today! Until next time Medjugurje and thank you to everybody!!