Hello from a bus!

Yesterday I travelled by train from Belfast to Dublin where I stayed overnight!

I had an interesting evening sharing about spirituality to the people I met in the hostel! Contrary to what people may think they were very interested and sadly totally unaware of the reality of the Holy Spirit and the possibility of having a personal communication with God!

And so fittingly this morning’s mass reading was the story of St Paul’s conversion!

Poor Paul got it rough! The Holy Spirit zapped him apart from the apostles and gave him a mission to preach the gospel to the pagans!

Peter and the other apostles were wary of him and it took time for them to understand and accept that he was indeed doing God’s work but that he had an entirely different mission and ministry!

Paul’s mission was vast which is why the new testament has 13 letters from Paul!

As I reflect on my own life and calling I can see that it is not for nothing that I was converted during a year dedicated to St Paul as God tends to push me out also to talk to the people who don’t know Jesus rather than stay in church circles!

Not everyone is called to this and I guess from it we see that the ways of the Holy Spirit are varied and missions are different!

We learn that we must be open to the Holy Spirit and new ways in which He may be working. Just like Peter, we learn that it is possible to get it wrong and to unjustly judge what one doesn’t understand.

Paul was initially dismissed because of his wayward past! Sometime we too can judge people based on their past and block them by our stubbornness.

And so today is a day for us all to reflect and to ask ourselves if we have ever unfairly judged someone and for anybody who has been unfairly judged it is also an opportunity to ask St Paul to intercede for us!

St Peter and St Paul, pray for missionaries!