Hello from the West of Ireland where I am visiting with Toni!

Last night we went out with a few friends! I had 2 glasses of wine, that’s my limit but I enjoyed it!

My friend John introduced me to some of his friends. John gave me the nick-name ‘Father Michael’ and had told his friends about this interesting spiritual guy that goes to Church every day!

They were very surprised to discover that this guy was me! They were expecting me to be about 50, fat, ugly and bald (those were their exact words)!

It’s good to be able to laugh about things and it’s amusing to know that people talk about me….I’m evangelizing even when I’m not around!

And so I got up early for mass and to my surprise discovered that it is vocations Sunday today!

And so there was the priest who was about 50 and while not bald perhaps a bit fat and maybe a bit ugly humanly speaking!

And so as I have my morning coffee I smile at the idea that the stereotype for following Jesus is this Homer Simpson type character!

And yet at a deeper level it is also sad because it is not true!!

Jesus Himself was young, tall, handsome and charismatic! He was a leader, a preacher, a miracle worker! He was controversial, He was fun, He was cool!!

And when one goes overseas one sees many dynamic young men filled with the Holy Spirit and great priests!

So today my prayer is simple! That young people come to see that following Jesus is not for social recluses that were unable to get a wife but that on the contrary, following Jesus is for every single person and that every fibre of one’s being and personality can be put to good use in bringing the supernatural healing love of God to the lost and the broken all over the world!

Our Lady, we ask for priests who are on fire with the love and joy of knowing Jesus to be shining lights of hope to the Church and world!

Have a great day!