The first commandment to love God and neighbour summarises the secret to happiness; God and neighbours!

Now you might have the neighbours from hell and so loving them may involve giving them a wide berth but in the larger since of the word, neighbour includes all those in the community!

As I sit here this morning and ponder over the last few days in Ennis I am truly very grateful to God for all the friends I made here 3 years ago when I lived here!

At times one thinks that nobody remembers you and so how nice when the opposite happens!

I’ve met family, cousins, religious sisters, gays, straights, African, elderly, neighbours, prayer-buddies……it’s mad!

I never knew I was so outgoing nor did I realise I was so liked!

I guess God has given me a charism to talk to anybody! I genuinely love people so it’s easy and when people respect you and love you back you get a taste of heaven!

You see God is all about love and community. He desires us to love and help eachother and that’s why gossip and slander are very serious sins. So serious that they are mentioned again

‘thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbour’

and “neighbour” gets another mention and

‘thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife’

again mentions our neighbour!!

So moral of the story is that our neighbours are very very important to God who calls us to pray for them and to ‘love them as yourself’!

When you do this you’ll find that you’ll have lots of friends of all types and backgrounds and that life is fun and exciting!

You will also find that you will be heavily criticised by others for hanging around with the wrong types of people!

But more than anything you’ll find joy in your heart as you live love and live like Jesus would by opening your heart to all and sundry and seeing every man, woman and child as your neighbour, friend and brother!

So guys, let’s set the world on fire with love and ‘that’s when good neighbours become good friends”!!!