Hello again from the North of Ireland!

I left Ennis on Friday and I spent Friday night and most of Saturday in Dublin.

On Friday the Lord sent me on an adventure into the gay zone in Dublin!

Some would probably judge me for going to such places but at this stage of my life I’ve learnt to ignore what people think!

So off I went to the famous ‘boilerhouse’ where a lot of gay men go for sex!

Now you might be wondering why I went there but remember that every person is God’s child and we should never judge!

In these places one comes to know the love and mercy of Jesus for everybody and one also learns to be grateful for what they have!

I had more than a few interesting conversations with some of the men. Sex was available like a cigarette but thank God for the word “no”!

The conversations in a way made me sad. One young guy was a doctor and his parents had no idea that he was gay. Every now and then he’d come to this place to relieve his sexual frustrations with a stranger or strangers.

Another man was an atheist! Further dialogue revealed that he used to be a seminarian. Sadly he went to the seminary to learn about God and came out an atheist!

The boilerhouse of course is known by the clergy too. Only a few years ago a priest had a heart attack in there (too much sex was perhaps the cause) but as providence would have it there was another priest on site to give him the last rites!

But sarcasm aside, one can’t but feel sad about these type of places where many men go to relieve their frustrations.

Many gay men still live in terrible shame and are afraid of coming out publicly. Fear of family, fear of employers, fear of priests, fear of bishops!

Fear holds a lot of men in captivity and sex becomes a temporary ‘feel good’ to reduce the pain!

In my own personal experience I found that once I accepted that I was gay and told others that I was able to live a much better and much purer life!

Being loved and accepted for who I was took mountains of anxiety from me and old habits like watching pornography just disappeared!

I began to make proper friendships based on truth and so intimacy was possible without sex!

I began to know and love God and prayer replaced porn and Jesus became the man of my life!

And so you see, I began to actually live the teaching of the church on homosexuality not be repressing it but by accepting it and by accepting Jesus’s love for me with it!

And so again I ask all of you in the church to open your hearts to the LGBT community and to be a representative of Jesus.

Gay people have been extremely wounded by the church and these wounds have sent them into the pits of the worlds of drugs and sex.

They need immense mercy and they also need the church to be humble and to ask them forgiveness for being shamed and rejected.

It may seem that this is light years away with reportedly more gays and gay sex in the vatican than at a gay sauna. Yet, let’s remember that each one of us that goes to church represents the church too and that while we may have no official titles, we are baptised and we too represent the loving and merciful heart of Jesus!

And so today, let’s not get discouraged by the lack of love in the church but rather let’s BE the church by loving everybody we meet with the compassionate and loving heart of our mercful brother and saviour Jesus. Let us restore dignity and respect to our LGBT brothers and sisters who have been painfully shamed and bullied by our church and her representatives.

Bless you all