Hello again!

The last few days have been an adventure going from Dublin to Coalisland to Belfast and back to Coalisland! Seamus is from Coalisland in case you are wondering!

As usual I’ve met some interesting people and some of the stories are even too outrageous for this blog which I try to keep both very spiritual and very human and real!

Today’s short sharing is very profound and not very controversial!

As I was having a cup of tea the other day I got talking to a nice older lady. She was struggling with a pain in her body so I suggested to pray with her!

I don’t remember all of what I said but I must have mentioned Padre Pio as I prayed and afterwards she thanked me as she likes him!

But then she said something so simple and no less profound! She said:

“The Holy Spirit, He’s my boy”

For those of you not from Ireland this means “He’s my guy/ fella”!

She said it with utter simplicity and 200% conviction!

Many people forget that the Holy Spirit is indeed a person and some theologians even dubbed Him as the ”forgotten God’.

But not to this lady to whom He is just as real as Padre Pio or any of the saints!

Me too I love the Holy Spirit, enough to allow Him to get me into all sorts of trouble as I live my life being guided all over the world by Him!

So anyway today my point is very simple! Let’s pray and be friends with the Holy Spirit so we too can say one day to a stranger

“The Holy Spirit, He’s my boy”