Good morning from Belfast where we have just arrived.

Despite growing up in Ireland I never really visited Belfast. I guess all the violence at the time in the North made it a destination to be avoided!

So what a pleasant surprise to see that it’s a nice little city, full of charm and the people seem friendly too.

Providence is helping us too as we found a cheap hostel and financial contributions continue to trickle in!

So here we are. We have no idea how long we’ll stay, we know nobody here and we don’t really know the city!

Does one ever get used to this type of life 100% ?

I don’t know! I can see very clearly this morning how some people could think we were totally crazy! Mornings like this morning I even ask myself too!!

Is God really calling us to this? Is it our imaginations? Did I get a sudden blow to the head that sent me round the deep end?!!

And then I call my mum. Our Lady’s presence comes into the room. She soothes my spirit and tells me not to think ahead, a martyrdom for a 21st century mind trained to plan!

I check the time, it’s 9am. Mass is at 10 and there my soul will find new strength to continue as Jesus’ own being will re-energise my soul!

And so folks, I’m sharing to give you an insight into this type of life, the ups, the downs, the worry, the fears, the picking up the cross daily!

Nobody that follows Jesus gets it easy and my struggles this morning are no different to other people’s worries.

However what we can do is to pray and encourage eachother at those moments when the cross feels that bit heavier!

So this morning wherever you are in life, no matter what your struggle, be encouraged, it might not be easy, your trial may now be years and years old, you may be tired and worn and sick of it all….

And yet, like me this morning, call on God, trust in Him even if it feels pointless, unite your life and suffering to His and ask Him to use it to help some poor soul who may be on the verge!

Jesus, help us all to take it one day at a time.

Prayers and encouragement appreciated!!