A few days ago I got speaking to a certain priest regarding the lack of understanding and love for gay people in church circles!

Now some priests cannot tolerate such a conversation and defend everything about the church as if their salvation depended on it!

But this one was not like that and I think his response is worth sharing.

He mentioned that up to now the church has almost entirely focused on heterosexuality and family and who could say this is bad.

The Church promotes loyalty, love, fidelity etc with the aim to build happy families, balanced secure kids and a healthy society.

However he went onto say that the church has never really explored what to do with people who do not fall into this mould.

Many LGBT people tried to fit in and many very broken marriages resulted.

Others rejected God altogether and yet deep down were still looking for Him. Not the God that was trying to change them but the God who loved them.

Many are still looking.

Some Christians get threatened by the idea of accepting gays as if it was somehow a threat to the survival of the planet!

There will always be gay people but statistics show that they are the minority and so survival of the human race is not at stake by accepting them in the church!

Next objection will be the gay lifestyle which is heavily sexualised!

Does accepting gays somehow sanctify everything gay?

Obviously not! Just as straight people are called to Christian values such as love and charity, so too are gays!

Life might be easier if God made us all the same and yet we know that God is a creative God. We need only look at the animal and plant kingdoms to see this!

And so what is the answer?

Well just as the priest said, for the church to explore other paths to heaven and to accept and integrate LGBT people into the Christian family of love, prayer and diversity!

Have a great day and thank you Jesus for this priest and indeed all the other ones too open to the spirit in relation to these issues!