Well after writing yesterday about a nice priest I met, I met another one!

With money running low and tired from hearing of so many lives hit by suicide I went to church in the afternoon yesterday.

The confession box was open and in I went to vent my frustrations, admit my faults and top up on grace!!

Again this priest was very cool and understood immediately the challenge of living on providence!

He was pastoral and practical, listened with his heart, gave very sound spiritual direction and gave me some practical tips by inviting me to the soup kitchen for dinner that evening and putting me in contact with a local politician!

So we had a nice meal with the marginalised, were given 3 bags of food and toiletries and offered a tour around the city hall next week!

Perhaps Jesus was showing me how church and politics can work together and indeed must if our spirituality is to bear fruit!

So anyway, I am very thankful to this priest for all his help and his simplicity to listen, accept and help on the spot!

Thank you Jesus!

Please continue to pray for us and remember, Jesus has no hands but ours so let’s all let Him use us today!