Hello friends!

What a wonderful day and what amazing blessings we had yesterday with yet another priest supporting us and not only that but desiring to reach out more to the LGBT in his area! We are meeting him later!

Another man from the gay community brought us to the homeless shelter and we had the most delicious home cooked dinner with those others in need!!

Is providence good or what?!!

Yesterday I also went to a Baptist church and what did the pastor speak about?!! He spoke on the topics of identity, gay, trans etc.

I had no idea he would talk about that but just shows when one follows the spirit, one doesn’t need to know so much but just be led like a little child trusting in his mum!

I congratulated the pastor for his talk that was excellent and brave! In summary he said that we are all more than our sexual or gender identity, that we are children of God called into personal relationship and friendship with God.

And so with so much positivity we firstly wish to thank all of you for your prayers and support which are working and which we feel!

Today’s blog title comes from the catholic catechism regarding homosexuality!

As I mingle more with church people these “buzz words” come up and I thank God for giving me a good brain and analytical mind to work through these topics!

In summary the church teaches that we are all sinners and that all of us (gay or straight) can experience disordered sexual thoughts. For example a married man may well struggle to keep his eyes off his sexy secretary as she flashes her booty etc!

However homosexual acts are said not only to be disordered but INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED or in other words ” very, very, very, very x 100000 disordered”!!!

So you see the poor gay guy reading this will probably feel like an intrinsically disordered hopeless cause destined to a lifetime of sexual promiscuity before toasting in the burning flames of hell for all eternity!!

And many do think that and how can you blame them, nobody has really taught them otherwise!

Only a short time ago I met a young gat catholic in Medjugorje. His parents seemed to have brought him for conversion!

However from meeting him it was obvious that it was his parents who needed the conversion!

So let’s go back to the “intrinsically disordered” comment!

Firstly let’s separate ‘same sex attraction’ from ‘homosexual acts’. We are all called to love and the church or bible speaks of no objection to a man loving another man! On the contrary it encourages it!

So we could say then that same sex attraction is ok and that the church has just got a problem with the sexual side!

Now moving over to the straight world the same could be said. The church encourages love and respect. A priest in Medjugorje spoke to me once of the issues straight people were facing. One woman asked him for advice for how to deal with her husband who was going to leave her unless she agreed to trying anal sex!

So you see the whole area of sexuality is tricky and whether gay or straight the church is asking people not to become sex maniacs and in the process lose respect for themselves and others.

This call is not just for gays, but for all but sadly the gay community are sometimes more targeted!

Now the gay community is indeed a very sexual community but if one sits down and talks to a gay person one will soon see that they are just normal people looking for love and respect.

The lack of alternative love and acceptance fuels the sex scene but any gay will tell you that sex isn’t everything and many if you listen will cry in your arms as they release and express some of the terrible pain and hurt of their lives!

Very few know of a Jesus or a Holy Spirit who loves them without trying to make them straight!

Jesus has no interest in making them straight! If He did He could have made them straight to start with and saved Himself the hassle!

No, Jesus desires to love and accept them as they are, He desires to fill them with His love and Holy Spirit and to set them on fire with spirituality!

He desires to show them that their root identity as the Baptist pastor put it yesterday is not as ‘gay’ but as ‘child of God’.

He wants to show them and indeed all of us that His love surpasses the fleeting excitement of sexual pleasure and that they have a very important place in His heart and in His church!

So to my LGBT brothers and sisters! We are not ‘intrinsically disordered’ lepers with the runner-up prize in life! No, we are full accepted, fully loved children of God and so let’s rise up and claim our place in the church, in the world and in the heart of Jesus who loves us!

Have a blessed day everybody full of supernatural love, joy and friendships!