‘Pray hard and play hard’ said one priest to a friend of mine and so out I went last night!

No sooner was I in the bar did a guy I’d prayed with earlier come in. He was showing me his hands!

“Look at that” he said proudly!

“They are not shaking, I can’t believe it”

For the last 20 years his hands were shaking and just like that it had totally stopped…thank you Jesus!

The wine flowed and our host for the evening was “Titty Von Tramp”, a very friendly drag queen.

Creativity in the gay scene is amazing and the freedom to talk about and express sexuality is a refreshing break from church circles where the body often seems forgotten and sexuality taboo!

So anyway I said a prayer and the evening flowed! I shared about the love of Jesus and my life story to Titty and I was introduced to some more people!

I started to get words of knowledge for them and tears were flowing around the table!

My glass kept topping up, something I’m regretting right now as I’m having a coffee and I was overwhelmed by the love of these people who had suffered so much in life!

It is a real privilege to meet these people, to be an ‘apostle of love’ as Our Lady of Medjugorje put it and once again a very valuable lesson on not judging people!

So thank you to everyone I met last night, for listening to me, accepting me, allowing me to pray with you and having the craic (irish for fun and not drugs!!) together!

God is good!

Only a short time left here as London is calling. Keep praying for us and if you have any connections in London let us know!

God bless you all!


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