Hello folks!

At last it’s time to go to London where we will be living for the foreseeable future!

How do we decide? Simple, Jesus tells us in prayer!

For me it’s very exciting as I love big cities! Split I found small, Medjugorje is like a village but London should be just right!

We take the ferry tonight from Belfast to Liverpool from where we’ll take a bus to London!

Providence continues to provide for us with a very kind sponsor who is paying for our travel and lots of little blessings along the way!

I must admit that I really enjoyed the last week or so in Belfast and am very grateful to everyone I met!

Your welcome and kindness has been amazing and it makes me proud to be irish!

And so England here I come. It must be 13 or 14 years since I’ve visited England so I’m looking forward to tea with the Queen and to being spoilt rotton by my older brother who has a flashy job and a house “with a swimming pool and room for a pony”!

Often these important people don’t of course have time for people like me which is why I’m more looking forward to meeting the broken of the broken and having a good laugh along the way as my ministry is on the streets!

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and if you are in London look us up!

Gotta go, London is calling!!