Hello from England!

We arrived in Liverpool this morning and are on a train to London as I write!

So far so good and already a little smile from heaven!

I was on the train from the ferry port when I noticed the lady beside me reading some sort of a prayer book. To be honest I wasn’t sure at the start if it was a prayer or a horoscope but then I saw “pray more from the heart”!

So we got talking and she too had been converted by a vision of Jesus. Showing her my rosary beads she smiled and said that she prays for Catholics!

“We are the one true Church”

she said is what her catholic friends say to her but

“they don’t know Jesus” she gasped with sadness!

As she said it I couldn’t but smile thinking of my Medjugorje Rosary beads and of course Our Lady’s message to “pray wity the heart”!

How wonderful to see that our protestant brothers and sisters are receiving the same message and are praying for us too!

Now obviously many Catholics do know Jesus and not all protestants are born again and yet how wonderful that through this personal relationship with Jesus I could immediately connect with a stranger in a foreign land!

And that reminds me of what I read on the wall of the hostel yesterday

“there is no such thing as strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet”!

Let us pray for Christian unity and spare a thought for us too as we arrive in the city of London at 12.15 pm to begin a new adventure with Jesus!

Bless you all!