Good morning from South East London where all is going well and we’ve found a prayerful and vibrant little parish and Church!

This morning God put a topic on my heart to share about and the topic is patience!

“God is patient” they’d tell me when I was pushing them too hard or asking too much, he’s infinitely patient and I was the devil for trying to hurry them up!

But you see all these statements about God’s patience are often used and abused!

The first point to make is important. God is spirit. He exists out of time and so He is of course infinitely patient as time means nothing to Him!

However we live in time and so we have not the same luxury!

When a man goes to hospital in a state of emergency, the doctors need to act immediately and to rush!

When somebody is about to commit suicide, intervention is needed on the spot!

There is little point in the doctor saying “be patient” and allowing his patients to die as he watches the TV.

In Medjugorje Our Lady is constantly asking for prayer because we live in times of a spiritual emergency!

Again there is no point saying “calm down Holy Lady with your prayers, God is patient with us”.

God’s patience is not a permission to live Godless lives, it is not a permission to be deliberately lazy and to excuse it all away!

Neither is it an excuse to abuse healers, teachers and preachers when they tell you what you don’t want to hear!

However it wouldn’t be right either to get into a frenzy about it all and so as usual our catholic church calls us to the narrow road of taking up one’s cross every day, of renouncing the world, of praying and doing one’s best and then (and only then) trusting in God’s infinite patience with our shortcomings and falls!

In summary, God’s patience is not a license to sin but is rather a permit to avail of His mercy!