Hello from Lewisham, a vibrant little suburb that reminds me of Eastenders with the markets and fights on the street! I’ll be right at home here!!

As I had a coffee yesterday a man started to talk to me. To be honest I was perfectly happy in my own company and his company was more of a penance than a blessing!

Anyway he got talking to me about how troubled he is. He is about 60 and was confused how he should spend his money.

The poor fellow didn’t know if he should buy 3 more houses or whether he should go to America!

In the end he chose neither and decided to purchase an E-class Mercedes-Benz. He was torn between that and a Bentley. My heart went out to him!

He chose the merc and with all the extras paid £100,000!

But the poor man had more worries. Despite opting for an expensive security system he read that 16 year old kids can download programs on the internet and copy a key and drive off with his car!!

My heart was bleeding for him at this stage. Blood was almost oozing out as I considered the €2.75 I had paid for breakfast and the £40 per night for the hostel!

Later that day I prayed over a lady suffering with a drug addiction. Moved she gave me £3!

Now for me money is like toilet paper! Without it life is a mess but in itself it’s just useless!

But the whole episode made me laugh because this man really was poor! He had absolutely no peace and his life was empty!

He took no real interest in my life or in God because he was too worried about his money!

The lady I prayed with was visibly richer. She had a big heart, full of love and a great personality!

So today my prayer is for the ‘poor’ rich people who have so much money they don’t know what to do!

Keep us in your prayers as the next step is finding accommodation and work!

One day at a time!