Good morning world!

As I sit eating breakfast I see men in suits rushing by to get to work! How I remember when it was me rushing to work in a suit, half asleep, half awake, one quarter alive, three dead!!

How wonderful to watch them all trotting off and how much I give thanks to God for saving me from that world which wasn’t for me at all!!

So today I’m writing about my little vision which became clearer after watching an american TV show called ‘Pose’ last night!

The drama, based in the 80’s was about the gay community. One of the young characters was a 17 yr old gay dancer. He was kicked out of home by his family and was taken in by a ‘mother’ (an older member of the gay community) who helped him! The mother was a trans woman in this case (that’s her in pic.).

It was all about community, fighting to be free and to be accepted.

As I came home the parallel hit me with the lives of the saints!

Many saints were kicked out of home and rejected by their families for wanting to become nuns and priests.

To mention but a few there is Saint Francis and Saint Clare and we see the same theme as the show I watched. Rejected by their family of origin for their dreams and beliefs they were welcomed by a new family or community, in this case a church one!

The gays were rejected for their sexuality, the saints for their spirituality and it seems like the Lord gave me a ‘double whopper meal’ as I got rejected for both my sexuality and spirituality!

A gay saint? Well sure I can always give it a go and that’s all any of the saints did!

And so it hit me even more clearly. The calling of our little group now consisting of ‘mental gay Michael’, ‘addict gay Seamus’ and ‘trans gay Toni’ is to be fully LGBT and to be fully consecrated to God!

On one hand to accept ourselves fully as gay, on the other to consecrate ourselves fully to God and evangelical poverty, chastity and obedience!

Has it ever been done before? I don’t know but if not here goes!

God calls LGBT people too and there is no reason why they can’t consecrate their lives fully to him without hiding who they are!

And so just like mother Theresa roaming India for accommodation and money for her little orphans, here I am roaming around London looking for the same support for my vision!

Nobody can deny the remarkable change in Toni over the last 7 months. Where might he be now if we didn’t meet him. How many more are they like him? These are my orphans, these are the ones I’ve given me life to help just as Jesus gave his life to help me.

So if you would like to help build this vision or if you know of people who would be interested, please contact me and let us show that it is entirely possible to be fully gay and fully loved by and dedicated to God!

Perhaps some media exposure might be good, radio, TV etc. If you know anyone interested get in touch!

Saint Francis, pray for us gays and lets change ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ into the ‘Saints of Tomorrah’!!!!!

Bless your day friends and thank you for everything!