Hello friends!

As I was in church yesterday I was profoundly hit by the word ‘Justice’ and God’s sense of justice.

As a child when my dad would get angry (every day that is) he’d scream “fair play is good sport” as he’d shout at me for nagging my sister!

As I reflect back I see that there wasn’t much fair play as he’d beat me and chase me and I’d go to bed wishing I was dead!

This gave me a profound sense of the injustice of the world and especially of those in positions of authority and when I got involved in church it was only worse.

How many priests told me they’d kick me out if I spoke of my testimony knowing that I had nowhere to go?

How many called me mentally ill when I spoke of the visions of Jesus that saved my life and how many said I was following Satan when my visions didn’t flatter their hypocrisy?

Very many is the answer!

Even not so long ago in Medjugorje the little brown preacher man preached of fake missionaries who claim to hear Jesus’ voice and not to be fooled by the hours they pass in adoration because it was pride!

The same fake missionaries (any guess who they may be) helped others only to make themselves look good and under no circumstances should they be helped in any way.

As things escalated I went to the bishop and the little brown man was put back in his box!

However, like the situations before Justice was not done. We never got an apology for the trauma and abuse and deformation of our characters but instead were accused of being ‘enemies of the church’!

This type of terrible injustice is what the LGBT community has lived for centuries.

The church has pretty much been for straight people only and only gays that keep silent should join!

The injustice to gay people screams to heaven where God looks on all of His children with love!

Only 3 days ago a strange man came up to me after mass. He was very angry at gay people

“Why they can’t admit that they are sick, go to a healing priest and get a blessing and be healed”

If that worked I thought then I should be the straightest man on the planet!

I felt like hitting this ignorant old man who hadn’t a clue what he was saying but instead I walked away. You have to pick your battles!

And so as I wind up I go back to the words “justice” and “fair play” and I call on our church leaders to give gay people fair play by loving them and healing them of all imposed shame.

I’d also ask our church leaders to apologise for hurts that may have been caused and to do something to fix them!

I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy to be treated like I was in Medjugorje by the cookie man and while I doubt I’ll ever get an apology let it be a lesson to us all that not only does the devil wear Prada but he also parades about in religious gowns and tries to kill souls under the guise of religion!

Heavenly Father, thy justice come!