Yesterday I came across this article on the catholic press

It goes onto say that ‘gender is fixed by God’ should be taught in all catholic schools!!

Sounds ok to start with but wait! Does it mean that catholic schools and catholic families don’t have transgender people and so are free to teach without any pastoral care or sensitivity?!

Telling a young child struggling with his/ her gender that it is fixed by God is about as sensitive as telling a mother who just lost a child to stop crying and have another one!

The inner turmoil and pain transgender people experience is excruciating and it is not a letter or a book written by a bishop that will take away this pain.

At times I really feel that this type of heartless theoretical writing is an insult to being a catholic!

It seems like the vast majority of priests and bishops live in cloud cuckoo as far as dealing with these issues and their heartless writing proves it!

Jesus didn’t spend his time running churches or writing books. He was with the poor and the needy and He defended them from the religious hypocrites of the time as He knew their hearts and the complexity of their lives!

At times I’m ashamed to tell people I’m a catholic because of the utter lack of heart of leaders who misrepresent the merciful and healing heart of Jesus and turn it all into politics!

The Church needs ‘trans’formation!!