Hi friends,

Here I am catching my breath and finally beginning to feel somewhat settled here in London.

Yesterday the wheels were put in motion for the 3 of us to visit Nigeria in September after a charismatic sister full of the zeal of the Holy Spirit spotted us on Pentecost Sunday!

God is funny! With barely a roof over our heads here He’s already sending us to Africa and while we could have said no, in prayer Jesus said yes!

Anyway, that aside today’s blog is about selfcare!

The first commandment says to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ and also the popular phrase ‘charity begins at home’ could be taken in the literal sense with ‘home’ being your heart!

Let’s look at the life of Jesus to see what this ‘selfcare’ looks like!!

1. Did Jesus live in luxury without a care in the world?

No. So we can eliminate materialism from the list!

2. Did Jesus live on the streets with no food or clothing?

No. Joseph was a carpenter and from what we gather, the Holy Family was poor without being destitute.

3. Can we imagine Jesus and Mary rocking up at expensive health spas spending thousands on hairstyles, sunbeds, beauty creams and plastic surgery?

No, nor can we see them walking around smelling with rags with holes!

So already we are beginning to see that ‘selfcare’ and loving oneself is not about material luxury and that the solution lies somewhere in the middle where one looks after oneself without falling into the trap of idolatry!!

But while selfcare is about the body, it is also about mind and soul!

Looking after the soul requires prayer. Prayer is food for the soul and people who don’t pray will be left hungry in their souls for love and direction in life!

Many times in the bible Jesus disappeared off up the mountain to pray. He’d have to escape from the crowds who wanted healing so to have time alone with God!

If He didn’t He’d have lost the connection with the Father and the direction with the Holy Spirit and basically He’d have committed the sin of putting godly works before prayer!

At times His disciples gave out about him!

“Where is this so called Holy man that has disappeared without telling us!’ we could imagine them muttering.

The pharisees gave out about Jesus for letting Lazarus die

‘some friend or example of holiness is this Jesus fellow when He couldn’t be bothered coming to heal lazarus’ they may have said.

Even Martha said ‘Lord if you had been here my brother would not have died’

which was probably the polite way of saying ‘where the hell were you?’

So from these examples we see also that looking after ones soul and spirit and putting prayer before people can not only outwardly unholy, it can look downright arrogant and selfish and as if you don’t care for others at all!!

At this stage a word of caution is required! This little blog is not a Christian license to be rude but rather a christian requirement to be faithful to prayer and to God’s will!

So to summarise we can go back to Scripture from Matthew

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Let’s not expect to be popular but rather rest in the peace of heart that comes from knowing and doing God’s will!

Bless your day!