Morning folks!

Just a little testimony of God’s providential love in action!

The other day at mass a lady tapped Seamus on the shoulder! Immediately he recognised her. We met at the divine mercy centre in Medjugorje a few months ago!

It was awesome to see a familiar face as we arrived here in London with absolutely no leads or connections and blind trust!

Anyway yesterday we were praying for God to help us financiallly and then Seamus’ phone rang!

Lizzie had told all her friends about us and raised over £300 to help us and travelled half way accross London to give it to us with her 2 sisters!

We were baffled and we all went for a coffee and the conversation centred around Jesus and saving people who are suicidal!

They also gave us details of some prayer meetings etc. that are not far!

Anyway how wonderful to experience the blessings from Medjugorje and a great reminder that while we were greatly persecuted there we were even more greatly loved!

Not everyone understands the ways of the Holy Spirit but these ladies got it!

So thank you ladies, thank you Our Lady and a reminder to us all that no matter where in the world you are and even if you know nobody God can and will send people to help you totally out of the blue just at the right time!

So let’s all be encouraged and may we God’s instruments of love and hope today!

Come Holy Spirit!