Yesterday I passed through central London and as I was changing trains had to get off at “Canary Wharf” (the financial area).

As I looked up at all the towers I saw the big names in finance; KPMG, JP Morgan, Barclays etc.

The mega towers of financial headquaters contrasted so sharply with Our Lady’s spiritual headquarters in Medjugorje where Gospa appears amidst a pile of rocks in a remote town in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Waiting for a train I overheard a conversation between two men in suits discussing the German economy!

Listening to it was giving me a headache and such a far cry from plainly dressed people in Medjugorje speaking of Our Lady’s messages and the spiritual state of the world!

This morning as I reflect on it a phrase that I heard as a child came to mind!

“Mind your books and you’ll get on”

And I did mind my books! In truth I minded them so much that I ate them and I did get on!!

I got on so well that I believed in no God, practised no religion and was extremely depressed!

Yes, “getting on” almost got me killed!

Perhaps if I was told as a child

“Mind your prayers and you’ll get on”

I may have actually got on well!!

And so as I looked at this concrete jungle yesterday I felt sad!

How many people are trapped in this prison of success and do not even know there is a God who loves them and desires their true happiness?

How many people are burning out or using drugs like cocaine to handle the pressure?!

How many have given their lives to career success and have forgotten that God has given them an eternal soul that they ignore or ridicule the very thought of!

Has modern society equated “getting on” with simply money and suits?.

And so it’s sad, the most intelligent people (academically speaking) have allowed themselves to become blinded by the world and risk having nothing stored up for eternity besides their sins!

So yes dear intelligent friends…

Mark 8:36

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?