It’s always nice to give credit where credit is due and today it’s to Seamus!

Since meeting me in Medjugorje and setting off on a journey of healing, evangelization and discovery he has been crucified!

His ‘holy’ friends in Northern Ireland disowned him, he was told that he was in danger because of me and yet He followed His heart in prayer!

Seamus gave up a big job offer, a good reputation, living in his home country, his family, friends and reputation to follow Jesus!

He worked like a horse in a restaurant last summer in Croatia, he suffered mockery, ridicule and abuse from many which led him to an illness of the pancreas and 3 weeks in hospital and yet he continued!

He supported me ever step of the way when many times spiritual suffering meant that I couldn’t get out of bed for up to 2 days and at times 3.

When Toni came along he didn’t blink when I invited him to stay with us. He loved him, helped him and was Jesus in every way!

And now here in London he has just started work in McDonalds. You’ll never hear him complaining or saying that he’s better than that!

He cries tears nobody knows of as all his life he has been bullied and put down for being gay!

So today I ask you all to pray for Seamus who is a walking example of love, perseverance, obedience to God no matter the cost!

Thank you Our Lady for the amazing friend and brother you gave me in Seamus. Please bless his life and fill him with the love, joy and peace that 20 years of bullying and a drug addiction robbed him of!

May we all be lights to the world like Seamus and make Jesus’ heart smile!

God bless you bro and thanks for not giving up despite all the trouble I’ve got you in with Jesus!