When I was in Medjugorje a man gave a moving testimony of how his life was before meeting Jesus!

He said He lived in ‘habitual mortal sin’ meaning that a sinful, godless, prayerless life was so normal to him that he didn’t see it as an issue!

Now I don’t agree with the word ‘mortal’ in this description as mortal implies that the person has full knowledge and consent and in truth most people have no real idea of what’s what because of growing up in a culture of atheism’

‘Habitual serious sin’ might be a better way of describing it when people are living away from God and in ignorance!

Back to the testimony, Jesus zapped this guy and he’s now a full-time missionary and singer!

Once again we see that Jesus’ mercy looks beyond sinful lifestyles and into the heart of each person!

Jesus understands the terrible confusion in today’s world, He knows that the world preaches sex, power and money and that today’s Church is so broken that often she preaches only a very weak and half-hearted alternative!

Jesus understands the battle to become free and often the lack of support! He understands that one can fall backwards into what they left behind in spite of their best!

So today on the feast of Corpus Christi, Jesus isn’t asking us all to be perfect and to be fully freed of all sinful behaviours overnight because He knows that this is impossible!

Nor is He asking us to lie down and to indulge in a life of sin without making any efforts to improve!

No! Jesus is asking each one of us to look up to Him and to take up our crosses (our vices, bad habits) and to go to battle with ourselves!

He knows that we’ll fall 1000 times and it’ll seem like it’s an utter waste! He knows that at times we’ll feel that we haven’t progressed an inch even after years of prayer and yet He calls us to persevering!

He knows that at times we’ll feel like hypocrites, like fake christians and yet He calls us to trusting!

And so wherever you are today in life; whether a million miles from God and feeling that there is no way back or perhaps very close to God and feeling that there is no way forward or maybe you think there is no God and so there is just NO WAY at all, Know one thing!

God loves you, God sees you, God has mercy on you and that there is a way and it’s the way of prayer and trust and conversion of heart and lifestyle!

The only question that remains is are you willing to take it and allow God to use your life for something meaningful and true?

It’s never too late! Where to start? A simple prayer and look for a good prayer meeting in your area!