Good afternoon!

Yesterday we travelled to the Westminister area to attend a catholic mass and support group for lgbt catholics!

I was not sure what to expect as my previous experience of support groups consisted of a group of over 60’s sitting around a room confessing how many times they watched porn or got lucky!

Even then I thought that surely God isn’t as sex obsessed as that and that there others sins out there besides sex!

So I arrived yesterday with my expectations rather low and I was very pleasantly surprised!

The group were warm, welcoming, inclusive and human! There was a mix of people there and all were accepted, a sharp contrast to my previous experience in Australia where the emphasis was on gay conversion!

In this little group I saw love, everybody was treated as an individual, one could have a partner or boyfriend and not hide or lie about it under the catholic death penalty of ‘mortal sin’!

This group also enjoys support from a cardinal and is certainly a light of love to the Church and world!

So thank you God for this wonderful little group and may more such groups spring up all over the world to show that one can be LGBT and catholic and not end up in hell!!

Have a great week