Hi folks,

A simple little sharing and testimony today!

I went for a tea and got talking to the owner of the café. She asked me a little about what I am doing with my life!

I shared a bit and I was very surprised at her reaction!

She told me that she suffered with depression 40 years ago but that now she’s fine and that her son too needed psychiatric help and still does from time to time but is still running a business!

Her honesty, openness and simplicity were refreshing. She showed no shame either of herself or of her son. In fact the opposite, she was proud of herself and her son for getting through it and was full of encouragement and just simplicity!

She might not even be aware of it but her attitude is healing and an antidote to the culture of shame and secrecy surrounding mental and emotional problems!

So once again a reminder to boast of our weaknesses by giving testimony of what God has done for us and kiss goodbye to shame and fear of what others may think!

Have an honest day and don’t be afraid to give others hope and strength through the power of your life story! You might save a life!