Morning all!

In charismatic healing circles one of the most common bible verses is this one:

Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I Know The Plans I Have For You‘ Declares the Lord, ‘Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm You,Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.'”

And thousands of people can testify of how God changed their lives. I once spent 2 months in a charismatic healing ministry in India and there were thousands of testimonies of healing.

Marriages were restored, cancers disappeared, drug addicts were freed….by the power of prayer!

And yet there was no testimony regarding LGBT people.

And so recently I said to a priest”

“imagine 3 young boys of 15 in front of you and quote Jeremiah to them and that He “Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.

Suppose the first boy desires to get married when he grows up…..No problem! Pray and trust that God will help him find the right woman and that they live happily ever after with God’s blessing! Jeremiah was right!

Suppose boy 2 desires to become a priest! Wonderful, a calling to prayer and ministry and again another happy ending! Way to go Jeremiah!

And now boy 3, he’s 15 and tells you that he’s gay!

Well he can’t get married or if he did he’d be living a lie! He could probably become a priest if he suppressed it and covered over it with religion but there is no happiness there as many a religious could tell you.

So we have a dilemma! Was Jeremiah wrong? And if not what are God’s “Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.

It’s certainly not to be excluded and bullied by society and even church nor is it to ‘repent’ and become straight which is just nonsense!

So is it any wonder why a lot of young people dump God once they come to terms with being gay?

But let’s not stop there and ignore the question or issue.

How can one be gay and catholic?

What can a catholic mother say to her 15 year old gay son so that he can have a happy life on earth AND get to heaven afterwards!

Perhaps the answer is very obvious! That God made him that way, that God accepts him that way, that he doesn’t need conversion or healing or an exorcism but that he needs a lot of love and support and that with God’s help he will find someone special to love and grow in holiness!

However he should also be taught to pray and like any young boy (gay or straight) to avoid the snare of lust which leads to nothing.

Some might argue that every boy should be attracted to girls because that’s how our reproductive organs are designed but it’s also true that God isn’t as black and white as all that!

For one God calls many men and women to a consecrated life where they will never use these parts of their bodies for reproductive purposes and furthermore at the end of the world when we are all reunited in heaven with our bodies we will live there sex free!!

And so a final thought!

Are same sex relationships lived in love and prayer perhaps a foretaste of heaven and something to celebrate rather than condemn?!

Yes 15 year old boy 3! God has “Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.” and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

You are a special jewel in his eyes called to be a light of love to the world and to shine in glory in heaven and your sexuality is a blessing from God and not a curse!