Good afternoon!

As I sit here in the church on this Friday afternoon I meditate on the word failure!

How often I feel that my own life is just one long succession of failures! From a failed son to failed man, from a failed man to a failed actuary, from a failed actuary to a failed seminarian and from a failed seminarian to a failed ‘healer’ or missionary!

Yes, at times I feel like failure with a body!

And yet as I think like this I look up to a statue of the sacred heart of Jesus on this its feast day I think of the ‘failure’ of Jesus!

Jesus the ‘God man’ dying on the cross. From a human view point what a total an utter failure!

Yet the victory of Jesus was on the cross because He accepted this human failure for a higher spiritual success!

Saint Therese of the child Jesus is beside me (her statue I mean) and she too was a miserable failure while she was alive!

And drawing from the lives of the saints we can name many more failures!

So what makes failure success is what we do with it!

Henry Ford once said

And so it is on our christian journey!

Our failures are not just the external things such as failed marriages and failed careers, they are also our inner failures where we keep falling and failing into the same old habits of drugs or sex or cigarettes or porn or anger or jealousy…..

However every failure is an opportunity! An opportunity to grow in humility and in trust in God’s mercy, an opportunity to grow in wisdom and understanding, an opportunity to grow in perseverance and prayer!

And so I say to you what I’m saying to myself today! Your life is not a failure but it is rather a hidden success, hidden in the heart of Jesus who understands perfectly your mess and calls you to continue trusting and growing nonetheless!

So let’s look to Jesus because the only real success story is His mercy, nothing else really matters and is just our own vanity and pride!

‘Jesus, today I give you my failures, trusting in your mercy I believe that you can turn them into your success

Take it all, I Trust in you’