Good morning fellow sinners!

How often have I heard the expression ‘they are living in sin’ meaning living together before marriage and having lots of sex presumably!!

I once recall the mum of a priest in Ireland speaking about how outraged she was that her parish priest should go and eat with one of these sex crazed evil couples!

Indeed my own upbringing wasn’t any better and at times I wonder how I was conceived at all not to mention my 5 siblings!

Traditionally in the church it seems that the only sin was sex and all that mattered was conforming blindly to religious rules!

The result is many people doing the ‘right thing’ with the wrong heart!

The church put such fear on people of burning in hell that there was no time or space to ask why and to come to a heart felt understanding of God’s ways rather than a religious fear!

The result is an utter breakdown in generations with almost no young people going to church!

It is unfair to judge others ‘living in sin’ or outside the rules as evil. In fact the sin of passing judgement is more offensive to God!

God knows 2 things!

1. He knows that many who ‘live in sin’ are good people who have a lot of love and charity in them. He knows that often their religious and spiritual upbringing was a disaster and He loves them and meets them where they are at!

2. God knows that most people who have never ‘lived in sin’ have no real love for God and are in a large part sexually frustrated old grumblers who Lord their religiosity over everybody in a spirit of pride and self-righteousness!

Now I’m not here saying that there is no such thing as sin! Not at all. But what I am saying is that sex isn’t the only sin and that Jesus desires to love us and transform us and to bring us into a personal relationship with Him and from that to bring us into a personal understanding and love for virtues such as purity!

Jesus came to give grace not to abolish the law but to fulfil it!

In other words He came to give us the Holy Spirit who would give us the supernatural love and understanding of God and of His ways!

True spirituality frees us! It becomes joyful and easy rather than burdensome and heavy and this only comes from a personal heart to heart encounter and relationship with God!

In reality, many of the older generation live in the old testament fear of the law spirituality while many of the younger generation live like there is no God at all and few are those who walk the narrow path of grace!

So in summary let us pray to the Holy Spirit to purify our religiosity into a relationship of love for Jesus and let us open our hearts to see Jesus in those ‘outside the rules’ and together we can help eachother to find the narrow path of love and mercy that lead to the joy kingdom!!

Bless you all