Which one of you isn’t praying for peace of mind?

Are you not praying that your kids will get good jobs and all those messy areas of your life and family will sort out so you can have peace?!!

And are you not praying for years and have you not gone to Medjugorje 27 times and Fatima 25 and Lourdes 16 and you’re planning your next trip this week and you still have no peace?!!

So is God deaf?

No but perhaps all these years you are asking God for the wrong thing!

You see Jesus wants to give you peace in the mess and that comes from trust rather than just fix the mess!

If your peace is based on all your family being well then you’ll never have peace because there will always be a problem!

But if your peace is based on trusting in God then no storm will rock your boat as in today’s Gospel!

We need only look at Our Lady’s life to see one tragedy after the other and yet she is the queen of peace!

Indeed God has taught me this lesson myself. If I was to start worrying about my life here in London where I sleep in a different bed every night with hardly a penny to my name I would have no peace!

But you see my peace isn’t based on having a house or a job or a car or a girlfriend like my mum would like for me (as would most mums). I had all those things before and I had depression and anxiety with them!

No! My peace is based on trusting in Jesus in the mess and simply living day by day. He will sort out the mess, it’s not my problem!

So today my message to you all is very simple! Ask God for the gift of faith to have peace in the mess and take your focus off the problems!

How? Consider doing a charismatic inner-healing retreat and pray every day to the Holy Spirit!

So friends, whatever the mess of your life, don’t let it stop you from having peace! Place all your trust in Jesus and take things one day at a time!

Peace of mind in a piece of mess!!

Peace to all!