Hello from…..well from Ramsgate!

It’s with a certain divine sense of humour that I find myself at the divine retreat centre in Ramsgate just outside London!

You see I spent 3 years serving God in another Ramsgate at the other side of the world in Sydney and I used to visit the Australian branch of the divine retreat centre regularly!

So this morning my head is waking up to the madness of it all!

From Sydney to London many things are the same! Ramsgate is the same, the divine retreat centre is the same and people’s problems are the same!

Whether black or brown or white, whether indian or australian or english, whether rich or poor, we are all the same and illnesses, deaths, addictions, depressions are the same all over the world and so is God’s healing mercy!

Not enough people nowadays know of Jesus’ power to heal and that it still happens. Many christians even talk of Jesus like He never rose from the dead and even many priests are unaware of the healing power Jesus has placed in them through their ordinations!

And what’s the result? A very sick and hurting world in need of healing!

And so the divine retreat centre is one of many catholic healing ministries where Jesus is alive and the priests are alive too!

After the healing days we hear of many testimonies and indeed I got massive inner healing myself from the 2 months I spent with them in India and the year or so in Australia!

And so my message today is very very simple! Jesus is alive and He still heals! There are very powerful healing ministries all over the world and He is inviting us all!

Jesus can heal what doctors can’t heal, He can heal what psychiatrists can’t heal and most importantly He can become the best friend you never had!!

So, why not! Google the nearest healing retreat near you and begin your journey of transformation and healing in your life and if you are in London come to ramsgate!

Bless you all!