Hi there from starbucks cafe which like McDonald’s is the same all over the world which in a funny sort of a way is comforting and familiar!

When I was a young child my grandad would often ask me to help him around the house. He was over 80 and crippled with arthritis and often he’d beg me to wash his feet which were sore!

To be honest 9 times out of 10 I refused. Looking back I was sort of afraid of it all!

You’ll get your reward yet’

he’d say and to my young mind this could really only mean money or an inheritance!!!

My grandad died when I was about 15. At that stage I was already emotionally dead and couldn’t shed a single tear, something which confused me to be honest!

Anyway little did I know that years later I’d pray to my grandfather for help and help he did!!I have experienced countless miracles from praying to my grandad and other relatives whom I believe to be in heaven!

When our relatives go to heaven they love and understand us far more than they did on earth! Things you may have never felt comfortable telling them on earth, you could easily tell them as you pray to them in heaven!

If my grandad was alive I don’t know how I’d have told him that I was gay or that I was very spiritual because those type of things weren’t spoken of in his day! However now as I pray I feel comfortable talking to him about all these things and it has been the source of incredible healing!

So today I have a tip for you! Padre Pio is run off his feet with prayer requests but each one of you has relatives in your own families who are in heaven and who are only exploding to help you and heal you!

So why not light a candle and pour out your heart asking them to help you and heal you!

Even if they are not in heaven and they are in purgatory they may still help and in the off-chance they are down under, well ask Jesus to protect you from the dark side!

And going back to my story! ”Granda’ as I called him was right! I did get my reward and so will you!

Thank you Jesus for the communion of saints and their intercession, may you saints in heaven lead us, guide us, heal us and comfort us so that we too may join you in heaven and pour blessings down upon the earth one day!

My coffee is cold! Have a wonderful day of heavenly blessings and rewards!!