Good morning all!

This morning I’m going to write about a very important topic, identity!

We all have many identities. For example you may be

a) a man or a woman

b) irish, english, australian, french..

c) doctor, priest, teacher, nurse

d) disabled, unemployed..

e) king, a lord, a Barron, a noble..

f) mother, father, brother, sister…

g) gay, straight, lesbian, trans etc.

So you get the picture and you could add more…

Ok, then in my case I’m irish, man, missionary, brother, son, blogger, healer, clown, sinner, troublemaker, teacher….

And I’ve also shed a few along the way such as actuary, seminarian, boot-licker!!!

Anyway as you can see some identities are permanent while others are not! Take a look at your own life and have a think about it!

I will always be a man, I will always be irish by birth, I will always be me!

BUT, I will not always be young, I will not always be living in england etc.

And so it is with you. You will not always be a teacher or an accountant or a doctor or a priest or whatever…

Up to now I have left out the ‘root identity’. Did you notice? What is it before you read on?

Our root or core identity is “child of God” and this is the one that all the others are based on!

The other identities are human identities for living in this world but our root identity for all of eternity is as a child of God!

Sadly many people do not know their root identity. So they live their lives with a root identity of their career or something. In the bible the parable of building your house on the sand comes to mind! One day your career will be over, your good looks will be gone, your sex drive will fade and what will you be left with only memories and no future!

But when we know our root identity we don’t get attached to any of these other identities. Sure we can enjoy them while we have them knowing that they will pass as will life itself!

When we know our root identity, then it becomes our priority as it’s the most important one. We turn our lives to seeking God, to purifying our souls, to detaching from false identities, to living simple and prayerful lives!

When we know our root identity nothing can shake us as nothing can take it off us! We get sacked from work, so what! We lose our reputation, so what! We are going to die, so what!!

All the saints got it which is why some were even martyred and continued to smile!!

So today maybe ask yourself: what is my root identity?

Is it in being a child of God or is it in what you do or who you are?!

Imagine for a second that you lost your job tomorrow, that you were stripped of your ministry….how would you feel? Would you still trust in God, would you still love Him?!

If not then you have some work to do and like Jesus who was God and wasn’t even attached to life itself as He accepted death on the cross, God is asking you to die to every identity that is not based in being a child of God and doing His will

And so the good news is that all the disasters of your life, the sins, the failed careers, the failed marriages etc become the most excellent food for true spiritual growth and for stripping you of all your pride and ego and coming back to the basics that regardless of any of these things you are still a loved child of God and He is there to forgive you and help you back on your feet!

So friends, whether you are a millionaire or a beggar man know one thing, you are no more or no less than anybody else! You are a loved and cherished child of God!

If you think you are better than others then it is time for you to humble yourself and if you think you are worse it is time to rise up, accept God’s mercy and hold your head up high!

Life is short my friends, let’s get to the root of it!

Have a holy day rooted in God and in your true and root identity!


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