Good evening!

Thursday is a day when we can pray for priests in a special way and that is why many parishes have adoration on a Thursday!

As a child I never heard of the idea of praying for priests! What would these perfect and holy human beings need the prayers of a troublemaker like me!

I think a lot of people still think like that! Not so much that they don’t want to pray for priests but that they can’t see how their prayers would be of any use!

And so because a lot of people lack belief in the power of prayer, they do not pray!!

Normally speaking the priest would teach people about the power of prayer but in some generations like mine, this did not happen which is why you don’t find many people in their 20’s and 30’s in church!

The result is that their are fewer people to pray!

So how can your simple prayer help a priest?!!

Very simple! A priest is also a man and in the same way as you can help a priest with material things like cooking him a meal or cutting the grass, your prayers may help him too!!

But how can my prayers help as I’m so weak and such a big sinner?!

With that attitude they can help even more! God will listen to the prayerful cry of the weak and broken heart. You may be the chief of sinners in your own eyes but you may be the chief of prayers in God’s!

What better person to implore God’s mercy on poor priests than somebody in desperate need of it themselves (I could write that book).

In return the priest who isn’t perfect either will be praying for you and your parish primarily through the mass which is most often daily!

So yes, you pray for the imperfect priest, the priest prays for the imperfect you and over time both will advance in holiness and perfection!

Our Lady is always asking us to pray for our priests and rather than doing it out of duty, wouldn’t it be nice to do it out of love?!

Saint Curé of Ars, please give us a love for our priests, the desire to pray for them and the heart to help them!

Have a lovely evening