Hello all!

Often we hear questions like ‘where is your base’ and declarations such as ‘you need a base’, ‘you must have a base’…

To be honest these questions disturbed me a lot on my journey! I used to tell people of my journey around the word with Jesus and so many would reply ‘you need a base!’!

Only after a while did I see that they were wrong! They failed to see that Jesus is my base, Jesus is my root and my ‘base’ is inside with Him!

Sadly too many people are like grounded airplanes operating more like buses rather than taking to the skies!

Sure we need a place to sleep and food to eat but we don’t need to own it! What does it matter if we never settle down or if we end life with no assets?! We can’t bring them with us!

People will always come up with arguments to stop your spiritual growth! They’ll tell you that you are not grounded or rooted as you try to break free of worldly attachments!

They’ll tell you to look to the future, to worry about your retirement and if you listen to them and their theology of worry and rationalism then you’ll never do much with Jesus or allow the Holy Spirit to use you!

You may well be reciting ‘Jesus, I trust in you’ every day but in reality you don’t!

To trust in Jesus is to trust in His ways, it is to live a life in the spirit, a life that contradicts the world! It is to make decisions based on trusting Jesus rather than worldly rational thinking!

And so friends, ask yourself today where is your base? What is the source of your security? What are you attached to?

Begin to realise that none of these worldly things can give you the peace you really need and they could all disappear tomorrow!

Jesus is not condemning you, our natural human side is to want all of these things but to the spiritual man they are a major obstacle!

So dear friends, my prayer today for us all is simple! May we detach from worldly things such as houses and money, may we be generous with what we have trusting that Jesus will not forget us and may we be based 100% in Jesus!

“Do you have a base?!”

“Thank you very much for asking, I do indeed, His name is Jesus and with Him in heaven is my eternal abode ..what about you?”!