Good morning from Greenwich (GMT…Yes that Greenwich)!

It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least and as I sit here in McDonald’s with my morning coffee once again I think of my gradad and his wonderful expression when asked how he was!

At over 90 and almost confined to a wheelchair he’d claim that he was “dragging away”!

Years later I reflected on his determination, patience and perseverance as arthritis slowly confined him to a wheelchair!

Even at that he never gave in nor did I ever hear him wish he was dead or any such thought! He wore a scapular around his neck, prayed the rosary daily and was an avid reader of saint Martin’s missionary magazine until he nearly went blind!

Death did not phase him and he seemed to know where he was going!

Like him many of us will wake up this morning to our cross, it may not be arthritis, it may be our health, marriage problems, work stress, depression, anxiety, fear…

And we may be well tempted to throw the towel in and give up!

Yet, if we dig deep inside us we will find the strength to get up and to face another day, to trust in God even when we see no hope with our human eyes, to believe in blind faith that our lives have meaning, that our trials have a meaning and that we have a father in heaven who loves us!

My grandad did not preach to the millions but his example did preach to one little boy who sat beside him for hours keeping him company with a little cat!

That little boy was me and now here I am, the missionary travelling the world teaching and living a life of hope against the odds.

So friends, don’t worry if you are utterly invisible or if you preach to thousands, it is not about that! Maybe your life is already preaching more than you know by your daily choice to pick up that cross and ‘drag away’!

Jesus, we offer you every prayer, every work, every joy and every suffering this week for the intentions of your heart!

Bless you all


Ps. We are almost penniless and homeless, prayers and breakthroughs needed!