Yesterday I went for a walk to the financial district of London. It was nice day and I needed to destress!

I arrived there about 12pm. My t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms made a nice contrast to the many suits and ties! It was like a different world and yet I thought that it would be busier!

A Jamaican man outside Barclay’s bank started to talk to me, a nice guy who works there! I went for a little walk into the foyer, security came to talk to me! I guess I didn’t have the appearance of a client nor did my backpack seem a likely bag for £1m!!

Maybe they thought I had a bomb! Whatever they thought they certainly had no idea that once upon a time I was one of them and with bigger qualifications than most!!

So on I walked conscience of security probably watching me! As my dad used to say when I was young if I caught him looking at me “the cat can look at the queen”. In other words, there is no crime in looking!

I decided not to bother my older brother this time with a surprise visit. His salary might go down if they saw he was related to a hobo like me!! In these places image is everything!

So I continued my stroll and was praying away and reflecting on the financial world!

Some may think I’ve a chip on my shoulder with the business world but that’s not the case. The financial world is necessary too and some people have a genuine calling and skills to work in that world and that’s where God wants them! I don’t!!

So I strolled back towards Greenwich enjoying the sun and trying not to worry about where I’d sleep reflecting on the folly of it all!

Sometimes a day off is needed! Sometimes it’s good to visit the past to be reminded of why we left it! Sometimes it’s hard to rebuild all, to start from zero but yet if we take it day by day, even hour by hour, we’ll get there!

God knows our hearts, He knows the difficulties, the challenges, the handicaps.

He will not judge us unfairly and nor should we.

Have a great day