Good afternoon!

A few days ago I met a guy who is gay. He told me that his parents are ok with it but that at the same time they’d prefer that he was straight!

‘That probably sounds homophobic” he laughed!

Then he went onto explain why!

His parents love him as he is and would like to see him happy and they are aware that the world is a more difficult place for gay people. They would like that he wasn’t gay not because of any homophobia but merely out of love and concern!

Of course being gay is outside his choice or their choice and while they can’t change him or change society, they can (and do) love him and help him that bit more as he faces various trials!

Since coming to London I’ve learnt a lot! The workplace is still not a place of equality for gay people, about 50% of gay guys I meet still haven’t told their families and there is little help in church for gay people here despite it being such a big city!

I can see why no parent would wish their child to be LGBT as the discrimination is hugh and the mercy small.

I Iive it first hand in my own life every day and at times struggle under the curse of it all! Not the curse of being gay, I don’t care, but the curse of being judged, excluded, marginalised by so many!

So today I make a special appeal to parents, families, pastors and friends of LGBT people….please be kind, please show love, your son/daughter, brother/ sister, friend may need it far more than you think in this difficult world.

Bless you all