Last night Jesus told me to trust in Him and not book a hostel! I ended up staying up all night and praying for many people and intentions!

I found a small park and as I looked at the trees I wondered if it was anything like the garden of Gethsemene! I reflected on how I had my phone and friends to chat with, Jesus had none!

Part of me was angry at God for having no bed to sleep in. Stubbornness and Pride aren’t gone out of me yet!

If Jesus was God and if He had nowhere to stay and if I’m praying ane asking Him to shape me and grow me, then what am I complaining about?!!

So I decided to start thanking him as the temperatures dropped and I had a great peace.

As I prayed I felt Jesus answering many prayer intentions which had been given to me and once again reflected on the need of prayer and suffering for prayers to be answered!!

By 4 a.m. I was quite cold. In the eyes of the world I’m homeless in London but in God’s eyes I’m a soldier in training!!

After 4 a.m. I received a message on my phone and was invited to someone’s house. After a long chat about God I was kicked out for refusing to have sex!!

One has to laugh at the irony of it all. Jesus had sent me to talk to this guy and he threw it all back in God’s face.

But why should I be surprised. Jesus died for each one of us and yet so very few are prepared to follow Him and go that extra mile!

Anyway, I’ll grab a few hours sleep in the park later and God will guide the rest of the day!

So, thought of the day!

Are you willing to go that extra mile for God and if not, how can you say that you really love Him and what witness are you to being a Christian!

Jesus, give us a desire to give all to you no matter what the cost!

Have a holy day!