Good afternoon from the Notting Hill area of London. Apparently Madonna has a house here and many other of the rich and famous live here too!

So a few nights ago Jesus asked me to stay up all night praying! The next day was jam packed with blessings after a wonderfully kind priest helped us more than we could ever imagined!

As I’ve come to learn, just before a big blessing is always a trial. For example, just before good Friday’s victory was the trial of the agony in the garden!

This trial was not a demonic attack nor was it a punishment, it was a suffering intercession for what was to come!

During His trial Jesus was disappointed with his apostles, not that they didn’t save Him, but that they didn’t support Him in prayer because they just didn’t seem to be able to grasp what was happening!

I noticed after writing my blog on Friday that I got 2 types of replies!!

Type 1:

God is with you, He will make a way, trust!!

Type 2:

O poor you, you were homeless, have you no money, maybe you should give up and get a a job!

It hit me that some people just don’t seem to be able to trust in Jesus at all when trials come and the mystery of prayer remains just that, a mystery!!

When the Lord is growing us, He puts us through trials, this is the time when we need prayer rather than solutions!!

Our western world is always trying to fix problems and the idea of trusting in Jesus and His solutions to our problems is considered to be an insult to our intelligence!

“God gave you a good mind, He expects you to use it” they’ll say!

In other words, forget about prayer and God’s strategy to solve your problem and solve it yourself with your own ideas and then to satisfy your conscience tell yourself that God approves of your plan!

The only problem is that God’s ways are not man’s ways and if salvation was left to man, we certainly wouldn’t have come up with the idea of God becoming man in a remote place over 2000 years ago and then getting crucified!

And so once again I’m shocked at how only a very few people can grasp the obvious!

God is still the same God. He calls us to prayer and to surrendering our lives and will to Him and He asks us to pray and suffer with Him!

And so a big thanks to all my prayer friends who understand God’s ways and a call to others to pick up the Bible and to actually read it, not like a sci-fi movie but a real life story of God’s ways!

Holy Spirit, give us a deeper understanding of prayer and spirituality and help us to be open to your will and to your ways in both our own lives and in those of others so that “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”