This morning after mass and a coffee the Holy Spirit spoke to me and simply said “off you go, I’ll guide you”!

After years of this I’m used to it just like a blind man gets used to his guide dog and learns to trust blindly!!!😂😂

So off I meander somewhat aimlessly and yet on a mission! There are moments when I wonder why Jesus gave me a brain at all as I follow like a 3 year old child!

Anyway I got guided to a particular club where prayer was not the focus! As I looked around I said “welcome to hell” to myself and yet I felt Jesus with me!

One particular gentleman stopped to talk to me asking me my age! He guessed 12 or 14 (a new record). Either the dim lights or his failing eyesight got the better of him!

After telling him that I’m a little older than 15 he asked if I was a doctor or a priest! I asked him why!!

“You look like such a caring good boy”

I wish I had recorded him and sent it to my mum in Ireland! At 14 I was anything but either of those things!!

So I went onto share my life with him and he was only half interested. At 63 his good-looks had faded, his hair was gone and he was sort of depressed! With no real faith his future seemed to be a gradual decline to the grave…what misery!

Shortly after I left and asked God what on earth am I doing. At times evangelization seems like an utter waste of time!

And as I reflected prayerfully I felt Jesus tell me why evangelization is good even if we see little fruits!

1. To grow your faith. Faith is believing in an unseen God and in this case believing in unseen fruits!!

2. Prayer, as we walk around and pray for different people, God will bless them even if we never even talk to them!

3. Education. As we go out and leave the relative safety of the church we meet people who we’d never meet otherwise and no matter how far away their lives may seem from God, Jesus died for them too and we must not judge!

4. Helping the church. As we go out and see the need of the people we can come back and ask ourselves what changes need to be made in order to attract these people to Jesus.

5. Obedience. In evangelization you go to places you would rather not go, you talk at times with people whom you’d normally avoid and so it is a most excellent way of dying to your own desires and ideas!

Clearly the list could go on but that’s a start. And so today maybe God is calling you to evangelize. You may not have a plan or consider that you could spend your time more wisely and yet maybe Jesus who left the 99 sheep to look for the one that was lost thinks differently!

Come Holy Spirit, call us, empower us and strengthen us that we may go out and bring your light into the dark corners of this world and protect us from all discouragement and fear!

Have a great day!