“There are 2 certainties in life; death and taxes” my psychiatrist used to tell me!

Whatever about taxes but the certainty of death is one that has been with me every day of my life since meeting Jesus and at times I only just managed to escape it!

This morning I was at a funeral. It was in our local church. I counted 10 mourners and I felt a deep sorrow in my heart for this man.

In Ireland where I grew up funerals were always a big deal. The local graveyard was between the church and my house and so as a little boy I’d be looking out the window counting the cars!

Funerals were also social events, so much so that to this day if I asked my mum “any news at home” she may well reply with enthuasism “so and so is dead and we were at the funeral”!!

Country people were great for going to funerals to be fair and perhaps have a closer relationship with God from working the land, dealing with animals etc.

However as the priest gave a wonderful little testimony of the last few years of this man’s life and of his renewed faith I felt Jesus asking me:

“Does it matter how many people are here?”

Some of us may have 1000 people at our funerals one day, we may even have an air-conditioned coffin with leather cushioning and an inbuilt stereo system!!! We may have the largest marble headstone in the graveyard with 24 hour security and yet we may end up in hell!

The Egyptians built the pyramids with such notions! I guess God found it funny! A pyramid full of food and treasures for a mummy!!

And so this morning as a new week begins it’s good also for us to reflect on death and ask ourselves if we are prepared spiritually?

Have we made peace with God?

Have we righted any wrongs while we still can?

Have we people to forgive ?

So friends, let’s not waste life, let’s cherish every moment and let’s be ready for death and afterwards whether there are 10 people or 10000 people at our funeral it doesn’t really matter!!

Have a great day and remember it’s never too late to come back to God and the church and put your life in order!