Today is August 1st and is my Grandad’s birthday (or was as he’s dead now for 20 years!).

As I spent so much of my childhood in his house which was also my ‘safe place’ when I struggled with suicide this morning I was reminded of the prayer of serenity hanging on the old walls of the house.

It must be there 50 years yet I never saw it as a child.

Perhaps this prayer is what kept me alive as it helped me accept being gay rather than seeing it as something to be healed!

We can waste much energy at times fighting God thinking that we are doing the right thing! Look at St Paul who went about killing Christians thinking he was doing God’s will!

Perhaps there are many christians out there today condemning LGBT people and who believe that they are pleasing God. Little do they know that they are driving their fellow brothers and sisters further and further away from God and the church.

Perhaps this cheeky little picture sums it up!!

So today maybe we can all pray that prayer that God will show us both the things in ourselves and in others that can indeed be changed and those things that cannot be changed.

I pray especially for all those in the LGBT community that they may find healing of the terrible wounds inflicted on them by the church down through the ages. That they may be able to forgive the church and help the church to pastorally and prayerfully deal with this gaping hole that exists today!

Have a great day!